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about the payroll group

Mission Statement: The Payroll Group brings together independent payroll service providers from across the country to help reduce overhead costs, share success stories and develop common methods to better serve their payroll clients.

Members of The Payroll Group are committed to using state of the art technology to accurately prepare the payrolls of their clients.

The Payroll Group members believe strongly that a payroll client should expect friendly, customer driven, personal service and should not have to pay more to get it!

Our members may live in your town and maybe even on your street. They support your local community. We hope you will support them by choosing an independently owned payroll service provider. We know you will discover something you may not have seen much of lately...good old fashioned quality customer service!

The Payroll Group

1 Glenlake Parkway Suite 1200, Atlanta, GA 30328 USA

 +1 (404) 789 3163 |

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